Monday, May 21, 2012

An Interesting Infogram

Now, I first saw this picture from a post about heirloom seeds and why they are so important on an excellent blog that I follow Two Men and A Little Farm. He found it on the National Geographic site. I believe I actually remember reading this article when it was published (thanks Dad for subscribing to their magazine). Two Men and A Little Farm writes a few comments on why it is so important that heirloom seeds continue to be used. The most important fact to know is that since 1903, we as a global community have lost 93% of our food varieties! That's a HUGE percentage. I wish I had remembered this before I grew my vegetables because I would have bought heirloom seeds instead. But now that I'm aware, I will do better next time. And that's what it's all about - spreading awareness so that we as a community can do better, and not lose anymore of our food varieties! 

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  1. Love the picture. I'm sure there must have been some varieties which were pretty simular though! If your interested in the old varieties theres a great series from the 80's called The Victorian Kitchen Garden where they bring an old walled garden back to life using old varieties and methods and one of the last tradionally trained head gardeners. It's amazing. Nice blog by the way